The Career And Philanthropy Of Tony Petrello

As the Chairman of the Board, Chief Executive Officer, and President of Nabors Industries, Ltd., Tony Petrello has a lot of responsibility. He oversees the operations and strategic vision of a company that is the largest land-based driller in the world.

Nabors Industries, which is part of the S&P 500, drills for oil, natural gas, and geothermal energy. It has drilling rigs in America, Canada, the Middle East, Africa, and the Far East. Tony also manages the company’s operation that involves providing offshore drilling rigs and equipment to offshore drilling companies, as well as providing them with software and other technology.

In addition to his role at Nabors Industries, Tony Petrello is the Director of another oil company, Stewart & Stevenson, LLC. Before he arrived at Nabors Industries in 1991, Tony worked as an attorney at the law firm Baker & McKenzie in New York City. His legal specialty was corporate taxes. He worked at Baker & McZenzie for 12 years, the last six years of which he was the Managing Partner.

Tony and his wife Cynthia Petrello have a daughter that was born prematurely. As a consequence, she was born with periventricular leukomalacia. This disease, which is common with premature infants, is caused by a lack of oxygen to the brain. This disease developed into Cerebral Palsy for their daughter, Carena. The couple became involved with research into the disease and donated $7 million to the Jan and Dan Duncan Neurological Research Institute that is looking to develop effective therapies.

The Influence Wielded By George Soros

George Soros is a hedge fund manager. He is based in New York. He remains as being among the most powerful individuals today. It has been since the mid-1980s that he started using his influence. He has managed to completely change the political scenario is a number of countries all around the world. George Soros claims that he has played a major role in toppling several regimes around the world. In fact, some of these had been governing for years, or even for decades. It is rightly said that with regard to the United States, there is hardly any other man who is able to affect its politics and culture any more than George Soros can.

This kind of influence managed by George Soros is due to his $13 billion of personal fortune. This gets leveraged still further by the $25 billion that is under control of his firm, Soros Fund Management, in investor assets.

George Soros has a messianic zeal which he is highly passionate about. This is because he considers himself to be some kind of a missionary. He feels that he has been ordained a divine mandate. He is sent on this planet in order to transform this world and make it something that is better.

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He is quite vocal about these thoughts. He has written a number of books. These include The Alchemy of Finance which was released in 1987. Another book was Underwriting Democracy. This was in 1991. In these books as well as in TV interviews, George Soros talks about being able to indulge, as much as he can afford. In fact, his goal of life is to become some kind of conscience for the world.

George Soros makes use of his charitable foundations in order to fund those organizations as well as causes that he considers being worthwhile.

George Soros realized very early in life how important money is in this world. This is why he decided to make money and a lot of it. Once this was done, he decided to indulge in his social concerns. His desire is to change the world, in particular, America. He wants it to change into something that is new and is able to provide social justice to all.

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George Soros wants to make an impact on the way the world works. He feels that he has a responsibility. He has been given so much money so that he can give it away to all those causes which are consistent with his agendas as well as values.

This is why he has started with his Open Society Foundations. He is a big supporter of refugees too. In fact, he has also promised that he would extend all support to businesses that are started by refugees in America!


Julie Zuckerberg; an Executive Recruiter Making Ripples in the Corporate World

For a company to succeed, it needs to have a great team at the helm. Saying that is easy. However, actualizing it is the difficult part. You need to have a great recruiter on your side to get the best team to lead your company. Not only do executive recruiters have an awesome network with a huge talent pool, but they also save you money. Trying to look for the best talent without an existing network can be quite costly. Besides that, an executive recruiter also saves you the time you would require to hire great personnel without compromising on quality. This is what Julie Zuckerberg brings to the table. She is experienced in the placement and recruitment of the top talent for blue chip companies.


Julie is a Different Breed


Julie is one of those executive recruiters that are hard to ignore. She is fierce and unafraid to shine in a male dominated industry. Her abilities stem from her great educational background and a lot of experience in the industry that she has used to climb the ladder of success.


Her Current Employment


Julie Zuckerberg is an employee of Deutsche Bank. She took up the position in 2014. For about a year after she joined the bank, Julie served in the position of VP, Executive recruiter, and talent acquisition lead. After a year, Julie as promoted to the position of Executive talent acquisition lead.


Her Career history


Before she joined Deutsche Bank, Julie was an employee of New York Life insurance company. She served as the company’s VP and executive recruiter. Besides that, Julie was given the responsibility of screening all high-level employees that had been employed by the company.


Julie has also worked for other notable companies at high-level positions. She began her career in the corporate world in New York where she worked at Hudson. Her role there was managing candidate placements. She helped law firms, banks, and other companies in various industries. She was responsible for helping them acquire staff in both temporary and permanent basis. After overseeing their recruitment, Julie was placed in charge of coaching them on how to adjust at the workplace. Julie also had the responsibility of solving conflicts involving employees and their employers. She was in this position for five years before she finally moved on to Citi Global Functions.


At Citi Global Functions, Julie took up the role of executive recruiter. She was responsible for helping the company get the best talent for various departments such as compliance, legal, and audit departments. During her time there, she managed to change the recruitment process and make it more productive. She advocated for the use of social media when recruiting top talent. After a while, her talent became obvious to the top leadership became obvious. She was given the role of recruiting senior personnel including senior managers and company directors.


Besides work, Julie enjoys donating her personal time to the charitable course. She is also into art, photography, and food.


How To Succeed And Be A True Leader

Anybody who starts a business wants to be wildly successful, who wouldn’t? You have to organize, have a plan, and be able to carry out that plan successfully. A vital part of success is your relationship with people. It will shape how successful you will be in your endeavors.


Treat everyone with respect. Picture how you would want to be talked to and treated, this is the way you will interact with employees, clients, and other people. Taking the time to listen, not just speak all the time. People want to be valued, so be a leader and put them first. Show them you care by making every deal a win-win. If you reward your employees then they will WANT to work harder and be an awesome employee. As a leader you must be a balanced individual. Don’t burn yourself out, because your business and life will suffer for it. This is about the long run. This takes in account that you are doing what you’re passionate about. You WILL burn out and want to quit if you hate your business. Doing what you love will make all those long hours and hard days worth it.


Josh Verne is a talented and successful entrepreneur with over 20 years experience in the business. He has founded and was CEO of multiple companies including and He also ran Home Line Furniture, a family owned business. He turned its one location into retailers all over the world.


His current business, is an online hub of information for students to read and view videos about what’s happening in the world. Students can also connect with each other, making it a great way to keep in touch.


End Citizens United PAC Fights Back Against 2010’s Supreme Court Ruling

End Citizens United is a political action committee launched in 2015 and committed to campaign finance reform. Their 2016 strategy involved channeling millions of dollars to candidates of the Democratic Party. The communications director, Richard Carbo, said that the group was in line to raise 30 million dollars, considering that they had raised over 2 million dollars within their first month.

The End Citizens United’s end game is to ensure a constitutional amendment is made that will reverse the Citizens United ruling made by the Supreme Court, which paved the way for super PACs that successively unveiled a stream of dark money into the political scene on This led to the mobilization of huge amounts of dark money that would be used to influence elections.

Strategy for Constitution Amendment
One month through their launch and over 325,000 people had signed, supporting End Citizens United’s petition. The group had strategically put a plan in place to boost these numbers. A partnership with “Ready for Hillary” was used to reach out to, and attract potential liberal supporters. The group also announced that they would be endorsing 11 Democratic candidates.

This move was strategic because it involved getting people who could change the existing laws elected on This meant that the group had to back candidates who were for the campaign’s finance reforms and were against “Citizens United.” However, their petition to overturn the 2010 Supreme Court ruling was met with criticism from most campaign finance experts. Another hurdle in their way was that they had to win by a two-thirds majority in both houses and get the amendment approved in over three-quarters of the U.S.’s states.

Arguments on the Road Ahead
John Wonderlich from the Sunlight Foundation stated that the stakes for a constitutional amendment were high and that it was an uphill battle for individuals who were committed to that path.

Law professor and campaign finance regulation expert, Rick Hasen, discouraged End Citizens United’s strategy stating that even with 100 million dollars’ worth of capital used to elect sympathetic Congress members, amendment of the constitution would still not materialize. Mr. Hasen added that a greater probability chance of getting the petition invoked would be supporting a new Justice of the Supreme Court, who had the capability of shifting the balance of competing interests on LinkedIn.

About End Citizens United
The End Citizens United group was founded on March 1st, 2015, and is dedicated to reforming the campaign finance system in the United States. Grassroots donors fund the Political Action Committee whose core mission revolves around dismantling the rigged political system and fighting big money in politics. They are committed to electing campaign finance reformers who will work towards overturning Citizens United and ending Dark Money.

American Academy of Dental Sleep Medicine’s 25th Anniversary

Avi Weisfogel has served as a high-end medical practitioner in the field of dentistry in the United States. His dental practice is situated in New Jersey. When he entered into service, he encountered a sleep apnea patient. During that time, he had limited knowledge about sleep apnea. However, he sought to study more about the disease and become a better doctor. For this reason, his passion grew more into sleep apnea medical treatments. Since then, he has developed more than 100 therapies to help patients get treated with the illness. While the disease has no cure, it is certain that the therapies are the best option.

Avi Weisfogel has also founded the Dental Sleep Masters Company to enhance his research into the determination of the cure of the sleep apnea medical condition. In the recent past, the condition was recorded to have caused more than 2,000 deaths in the United States. For this reason, the deaths are now increasing by double digits. For this reason, medical doctors are finding the need to dig deeper into the knowledge of administering sleep apnea therapies and treatments. The company is also helping numerous doctors and dentists improve business in their daily practicing chambers through the administration of sleep apnea medical condition treatments. As a matter of fact, more research shows that more than 90 percent of those suffering from the disease have no idea of what they are suffering from until they are diagnosed. While this is true, most of them die because of lack of knowledge.

According to a recent study conducted by the Dental Sleep Masters Company, more than 90 percent of people suffering from disease get triggers from killer diseases like diabetes, heart attack, and stroke. The Dental Sleep Medicine American Academy has recognized the great work of Avi Weisfogel in determining more than 100 therapies that can be used to treat the disease. While this is true, he has also used the company to train health officers and medical practitioners on many methods used to administer the therapies to the patients. Avi Weisfogel has gained support from many governmental organizations to help patients and students get better education concerning sleep apnea.

Fund Raised by Avi:

Why a Litigation Attorney Along The Likes of Karl Heideck Can Help You Win Your Case

Why should you choose the services that are provided by Karl Heideck? He can offer you services that can greatly benefit you by winning your case in court. He is a talented attorney who is known for specializing in compliance practices and risk management. Karl Heideck is based in the Greater Philadelphia area. He possesses skills in corporate law, legal writing, legal research, employment law and commercial litigation. He’s been in the practice of law for more than 10 years. His educational credentials are: public speaking and skills in a vast array of areas. Karl Heideck initially pursued English at the Swarthmore College, then proceeded to graduate with honors from the Temple University Beasley School of Law.

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If you have been considering filing a lawsuit, it may be in your best interests to consult with a litigation attorney. As certified legal professionals, litigation lawyers like Karl Heideck, are aware of which cases may have good chances of winning in court. They are well-versed in procedures, necessary paperwork, and steps that need to be conducted. Some cases are certainly handled better by utilizing resolutions of alternative dispute, and an attorney who specializes in litigation is going to be able to provide you with advice and guidance in pertinence to your options.

View Karl Heideck’s LinkedIn page to learn more about his education credentials.

Lawyers often approach their cases differently from other lawyers in the practice. How much they charge their clients often depend on how they operate their practice functions. Some are known to charge hourly, whereas, others charge based on a contingency. If you think you can benefit from a litigation attorney, then it is highly recommended for you to acquire the services of one who is highly knowledgeable in the field and will provide you with optimal results through the time and effort they put in to the research and communications that are required for you to win your case.



A Dallas Based Bank for Individuals And Corporations

Nexbank, based in Dallas, is the 14th largest bank in Texas. The bank offers financial services in the greater Dallas area including Commercial Banking, Mortgage Banking, and Institutional Services. With over $4 billion in assets, the company has been very successful in working with the financial community.

Nexbank has 4 locations and 89 employees in the Dallas Area. Nexbank primarily works with institutional clients and financial institutions, but it does also offer financial services such as checking and savings accounts to individuals as well as mortgages. One of the main draws it has for individuals is that Nexbank offers money market and checking account rates that are double the national average. For institutional and corporate clients it offers investment advisory services, commercial banking, broker-dealer, and investment banking in addition to other financial offerings.

The top executive at Nexbank is co-Founder and Chairman James Dondero. His management team includes President and Chief Executive Officer John Holt. Holt’s goal when he arrived at Nexbank in 2011 was to achieve growth in the company’s financial services offerings to its clients, which he has achieved with great success. The other top leadership of the bank is Chief Operating Officer Matt Siekielski and Chief Financial Officer Craig Korbuly.

The Link between Technology and Fashion Industry




Fashion and Technology are complementary industries. The progress of each industry has an impact on other. More advancement in fashion has been affected by advancement in technology. For example, if you compare fashion shows 50 years and those of today you will realize that technology has played a prominent role. Fashion designers today are aware of technology, and they have adopted it to come up with new fashion designs. On the other hand, the technology industry has so much relied on fashion for popularity. Most of the devices made today sell in the name of being cool and fashionable.



Evolution of Boombox



In the 1970s, Boombox was the coolest technology device in the market. People could carry it anywhere they went. After a decade, it was replaced by Walkman music player that had capabilities of boom box; it could play cassette tapes, and it was small in size. During its era, it was the coolest thing before it was later replaced by a mp3 shuffle and an iPod. iPod has been in existence till date although, many people find owning a smartphone more fashionable.



Fashion designers have highly relied on fashion for ideas and refinement of their thoughts. Today, people have come up with dresses that can change the colors on their own through the use technology concepts. There is various technology who have changed from the technology industry and focused on fashion design. The move has paved the way for astounding designs. Anna Wippeprecht is one of the fashion designers who has focused on linking technology with fashion. She broke into the limelight after designing self-painting dress.



About Chris Burch



Chris Burch is an entrepreneur who has been behind the success of over 50 companies. He has served in various positions of these companies including the CEO and CTO positions. Chris is also a writer who focuses on technology and fashion. He is among the leading bloggers in fashion and technology. He has been in the industry for over 40 years, and this has given him a clear understanding of the need of consumers. His experience has made him credible and also attracted thousands of people to rely on his website for information on the technology and fashion.






Technology has revolutionized every industry in the world today. The fashion industry is one. According to Chris Burch, without technology, the fashion industry would be so much behind. The technology industry has also relied on the fashion industry for popularity and ideas too.

Dick DeVos: A Philanthropy Driven Life

When we discuss the billionaires, who are philanthropists and making an impact in the society, we can’t miss Dick DeVos from the top of the list. Dick and his wife Betsy DeVos are known for many initiatives that are aimed to positively influence the society in total. Many times I wondered about the driving force that leads him to show kindness to the downtrodden. But someone who closely observes him would convince himself about DeVos’ greatness of mind. Though he is an entrepreneur-businessman and son of the Amway founder Richard DeVos, he always stood for what his mind calls. He established Dick and Betsy DeVos Family Foundation to help and donate educational, community, artistic and free-market organizations. I can assume that his motivation is coming from servicing the society, as there is almost no organization in U.S. without getting help from him. To encourage the development of art, his foundation started ArtPrize, an art competition program from 2009.


Apart from that, Dick DeVos and his wife have established scholarships for the students, who are excelling in Science, Arts or Business Administration from developing nations. They have also established Betsy and Dick DeVos Scholars for Free Enterprise and Entrepreneurship Scholarship for BBA or integrated BBA/MBA students of Northwood University. He is an active propagator of free-market economics and encouraged the organizations that are supporting it. He also initiated a grand action plan to improve the urban infrastructure of Detroit which has won accolades from many. In my opinion, the move is something that changes the entire face of the city and Detroit would get many required infrastructural amenities. He is also involved in environmental protection and donated for a private study that is aimed to address pollution sources of Lake Macatawa. He is a strong proponent of school voucher system that is aimed to improve the quality of public as well as private schools.


DeVos started his career with Amway and assumed many roles during his career. His strategy helped the firm to make a significant presence in many countries and increased the sales many folds. In 1993, he became the President of Amway and helped to restructure the firm. Currently, he is serving as the president of The Windquest Group, a privately held investment management firm that invests in technology, clean tech, manufacturing, nonprofit solutions, and hospitality. Apart from career, DeVos and his family acquired the NBA franchise, Orlando Magic 1991. He became the President and CEO of the team for three years after the acquisition.