George Gascon Is Now The Center Of A Storm

It seems that war has been waged against San Francisco District Attorney, George Gascon. Gascon is under attack following allegations that during his tenure as chief of police, he failed to show any concern about the diversity that was present in the police department. What’s worse is that Gascon is accused of making remarks that were disparaging to minorities.
These are some of the allegations contained in a sworn declaration by a man who once worked closely with Gascon, Gary Delagnes. Delagnes is the former POA (Police Officers Association) President. The sworn declaration was submitted to a three-judge panel that forms a blue-ribbon task force charged with looking into allegations of racism and homophobia that exist in the police department.
The move by Gascon to hand pick the judges of the panel has been referred to by union leaders as hypocritical. On the other hand, Gascon has referred to the police union as obstructive and stonewalling the investigation. During his appearance before the task force, Gascon stated that the police union wielded enough power to affect the ability of a police commission or police chief to implement reforms.
The particular event alluded to is a dinner back in 2010 during a police union leadership forum that had been organized by Harvard Law School. During the dinner, Gascon had his fair share of alcohol before recalling his service in the Los Angeles Police Department. He began to get so loud and animated, making a number of statements that were racially disparaging. At one point, an African American patron approached him and asked him to get a hold of himself, as the then police chief was becoming an offense to the patron’s family.
Alex Bastian refused to respond directly to the allegations upon receiving a copy of the sworn declaration. Bastian is the spokesman for the office of the District Attorney. He, however, went on to state that Delagnes’ imagination made up for his lack of credibility. There were negotiations that would see union leaders appear before the blue-ribbon task force. However, the executive director of the panel has since confirmed that the negotiations had failed.


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