Des Perez Breathes Life into Tidal

Music is a large part of culture. However, in the music and entertainment industry, it is important to be able to stand out. Fortunately, Desiree Perez is someone who knows how to stand out. She is finding ways to bring about exclusives to the music platform on Hits Daily Double. She has managed to gain a few exclusives from talents such as Kanye West, T.I., and Rihanna. As a result of those exclusives, Tidal has gained a lot of momentum. It is now at a high point at this point in its life. Many new members have signed up for a trial.

Desire Perez is really good at negotiating. She not only has market intelligence, but she also has street smarts which help her know how to talk and relate to people. She is one of those who has the confidence and the will to risk it all. Among the events she has negotiated was the Beyonce Formation stadium tour. She is also heavily involved in the Rihanna Samsung event. One of the reasons that Desiree is so effective in setting up events is that she runs with Jay Z. Jay Z himself is a hustler who knows how to navigate the industry and gain some staying power.

Thanks to Desiree Perez, Tidal has experiencing a lot of steady growth as a streaming service. There have also been some improvements made to the app. Among these changes are its focus. The music experience now focuses on the new releases as opposed to the catalog hits. For one thing, this saves money. It also encourages people to check out the network in order to stay on top of all of the latest releases. It also looks at the new upcoming artists. With Jay Z’s taste in music, Desiree is able to bring forth some new people in the industry.

In this day and age, a lot of people are all about discovering new things. People are discovering musical styles that they would have never thought existed with out internet and music streaming services like Tidal. With Tidal, people will get to enjoy many new releases and concert exclusives. 

Sanjay Shah: A Rockin’ CEO

Sanjay Shah, the British founder and CEO of both Autism Rocks and Solo Capital Partners, was recently interviewed on the Entrepreneurial Podcast Network’s Enterprise Radio by Eric Dye. Guests on this radio program generally give advice and encouragement to others in the business world.

Shah advised all of the radio listeners who had aspirations to start businesses of their own to never underestimate two things: how much money you need to start, and the need for a reliable team to work with.

And Shah should know. He built Solo Capital Partners almost from scratch. Interestingly, however, Shah did not start out as a businessman. Instead, Shah studied medicine in college. After a while of studying Shah just felt that the medical field was not for him. When he entered the professional world, Shah went straight into accounting work. He began working at Meryl Lynch, and then went on to Credit Suisse and Morgan Stanley. During the financial crises of 2008-2009, Shah lost his job. Without anywhere else to go, Shah put everything he had on the line forming the brokerage firm Solo Capital Partners.

Luckily for Shah, and the rest of the financial world, Solo Capital Markets turned out to be a great success. Currently they are located in London, and they had a net worth of £15.45 million in 2015. Shah is estimated to have a net worth of $280 million.

Another part of Shah’s life that is impossible to ignore is more personal. Shah’s youngest son, Nikhil, was diagnosed with autism at the age of 4. After this heartbreaking diagnosis, Shah decided to make something beautiful out of his son’s neurological condition. While Shah was having tea with Snoop Dogg one day, he had the idea to combine his connections with the music industry with a charity for autism. Shah founded the charity event Autism Rocks in 2014, and has worked with various celebrities to raise awareness and funds for autism research.

In the past, the Autism Rocks event has had many world famous musicians grace its stage. Prince performed at the very first Autism Rocks concert. Some other performers who have turned up for Autism Rocks include Drake, Snoop Dogg, and Lenny Kravits. Shah mentioned on this radio interview that Tyga and Flo Rida will perform this year.


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Why Eric Pulier is a Trailblazer in the Corporate World

Diversification is goes a long way in guaranteeing survival within the corporate world. It however requires deep insight and talent to succeed in different fields. Eric Pulier is regarded as a jack of all trades due to the diverse interests that he has in the fields of technology, financial markets philanthropy and business. Besides this, he is a critically acclaimed author with award winning publications under his name.

Mr. Pulier has had a long and successful entrepreneurial career. He founded his first company, People Doing Things (PDT) in Los Angeles in 1991. He wanted to use technology to address issues such as healthcare, education and other social issues. Three years later, he started an interactive agency known as Digital Evolution. In 1998, it joined forces with US Interactive LLC. Eric is also credited for playing a major role in the formation of Starbright World. This groundbreaking innovation was applauded for helping children with protracted illnesses to chat and interact with others suffering from the same.

Pulier remains one of the most recognizable names in America’s corporate boardrooms. At the moment he is the chairman and Chief Executive Officer at Service Mesh. In the past, he has worked as the Vice President and General Manager of Computer Sciences Corporation. Here, he directed the firm’s creation and introduction of cloud computing services. This helped reduce the cost of operations while increasing productivity.

What stands out from Eric’s career is his ability to form fruitful working relationships. He has led workplace transformations in most of the firms that he has worked at. His easy going and proactive leadership has endeared him to most of the people that he has worked with. He has also mentored those that have worked under him. This has made him a legendary figure in the corporate world.

Since his early days, Eric was known to be passionate about helping the less fortunate. He donates to several humanitarian organizations. He is particularly interested in helping children with chronic illnesses. Due to his humanitarian work, corporate and civil service, Mr. Pulier is a recipient of many awards, which include the XPrize award for his role in enhancing social technology.

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How John Goullet Has Transformed the IT Staffing Industry with Innovation

The Chairman of DIVERSANT LLC attended Ursinus College as from 1979 to 1983. Mr. Goullet began his career as an IT consultant. Soon he made the switch and ventured onwards to become an IT staffing account executive. In July 1994, he started Info Technologies Inc. and took on the role of the Chief Executive Officer. He remained in the position for fifteen years and eight months until February 2010. The motto of the company states that DIVERSANT LLC is an organization empowered by difference.

Mr. John Goullet, 54, is the principal of DIVERSANT LLC. The company is a by-product of the merger between Info Technologies with DIVERSANT Inc. Before the merger, Info Technologies had grown to a valuation figure of $30 million. It was ranked in the number 8 slot of the 500 fastest-growing privately held firms in the US by Inc. Magazine.

The merger with DIVERSANT Inc. made it possible for the new company to expand their presence in the market. The newly formed company DIVERSENT LLC was stronger than the individual companies. It was in a much better position to develop new IT staffing solutions for clients. John has succeeded in connecting IT professionals from diverse backgrounds with customers in need of their services. The firm prides itself on being a fully-certified Minority Business Enterprise provider. It strives to give equal working chance and opportunities to people from all backgrounds and diversities.

Today, Goullet is credited with numerous successful ventures in the IT sector. His thorough understanding of the market and the prevailing trends has enabled him to identify the problems facing the IT staffing industry. Most importantly, it has empowered him to find workable solutions to the challenges facing companies in the IT department. The solutions come in the form of services like direct hires and innovative IT products. Products geared towards enhancing the overall productivity at the workplace.

DIVERSANT LLC is now ranked as the largest African-American owned staffing and solutions firm in the U.S. They specialize in connecting IT experts on a contract, contingent and on a permanent basis to Fortune 500 and other mid-sized companies in various industries across the U.S.

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