How Jose Manuel Gonzalez Views the Agricultural and Political Situation in Venezuela

Jose Manuel Gonzalez is among the businesspersons in Venezuela. His popularity in Venezuela is mostly because of his leadership role as the chairperson of the Venezuelan Federation of Chamber of Commerce. Currently, Mr. Jose Manuel Gonzalez serves Venezuelan in the Guarico State as their representative to the National Assembly based in Caracas. As the head of the largest Venezuelan chamber of commerce, he advised the government on various matters and policies. In the past, Gonzalez has managed the operations of various large sized entities in Venezuela, such as Citgo, which is a global gas station company that offers gasoline and other numerous services to visitors or travelers.

Political Views

According to Gonzalez, the Venezuelan politics should not be a reserve for the politicians. He firmly believes that fellow Venezuelan citizens should quite hoping for a messiah to rescue them from misery and poverty. Instead, they should elect leaders who are capable of effecting change and development.

As a representative for the Guarico States, he also believes that regulations on internal debates in the National Assembly ought to be revised in a bid to reduce the powers held by the president of the National Assembly. Doing so will allow the representatives of the Venezuelan people to exercise proper representation of their respective states. The Venezuelan citizens are tired of the numerous political parties in the country that act as the owners of Venezuela.

Agriculture views

Gonzalez holds that the agriculture situation in Venezuela is in a critical state. The halt in production of 500,000 and 300000 tons of rice and corn each year is evidence enough of the current situation in Venezuela. Poor government management, crime, and insecurity are some of the factors causing declined production of food in fertile agricultural areas or states.

Jose Manuel Gonzalez

Jose Manuel Gonzalez is a former president of the Fedecamaras, which is a business association based in Venezuela that was formed by businessperson from diverse economic fields in Venezuela to protect their interests and rights. As the Guarico State representative in the National Assembly, he has been involved with various parties such as CUENTAS, UNIDAD DR, and many others.

Venture Capitalist Malini Saba Turns Risk Into Productivity

One of the world’s top South Asian investors Malini Saba has encountered a great deal of success in her lifetime. Her philanthropic career is filled with innovative initiatives and experience investing in over 20 different technology companies. She began her career in the 1990’s as a Silicon Valley venture capitalist. Saba was not able to get into a VC investment group which lead her to found Saban. Her company deals with varied investment interests across the world including U.S. technology, China oil and gas, and Australian and Indian real estate.

Some of Malini’s most noteworthy investments are Paypal, Sycamore Networks, and Netscreen Technologies. Two of the aforementioned companies, Paypal and Netscreen were acquired for $1.5 billion and $4 billion respectively. She created a non-profit organization by the name of “Stree: Global Investments in Women.” This organization works to change the way women and children see themselves who are considered as low income and at risk. Stree also works on the way these women and children see their roles in society. The non-profit gives these families access to legal aid, healthcare, and provide an avenue for grassroots movements to occur.

In 2004 she pledged $10 million dollars to Sri Lankan and Indian families who were affected by the tsunami. Saba toured these ruined areas and made the decision to help families who were victimized by the disaster. The organized venture capitalist makes stringent use of her time by limiting meetings to no longer than 45 minutes and persistently walking her daughter to and from school. She strongly believes in raising her child herself instead of relying on a nanny to do the heavy lifting of childcare.

Saba realizes her ideas by looking at market trends and deliberately taking opposite action. She takes careful consideration of what the world will look like 3-5 years from now based upon the actions of today’s people. When others are reluctant in the market, she takes action. This attitude lead Saba to invest in the Indian real estate market early on. Saba credits her success and productivity to a lack of fear in taking risks.

Benefits of Medicare Advantage Plans

Having good medical coverage is something many people don’t have access to, but if you’re over the age of 65, there are medical plans available to help cover a percentage of the costs. These programs are known as Medicare Advantage Plans.

Being approved by Medicare, these private companies give you medical & hospital coverage if needed. Depending on the company you sign-up with, the rules and out-of-pocket costs may vary.
You may be wondering, how does this service sustain itself monetarily? That’s where (PPS) comes into play. Physician Practice Services is like the middle-man that creates balance between the services and total cost. This partnership is an extension that handles the cost percentages and services that fits your needs such as:

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*Differences Between Original Medicare and Medicare Advantage*

(OM) is a government program where patience pay deductibles or coinsurance for healthcare. Patience can go to any doctor or hospital that excepts Medicare and doesn’t need referrals to see specialists. For Medicare Drug Coverage, patients must pay for a separate drug plan from a private insurance company.

(MA) Medicare Benefits Plans are sold by private insurance companies such as Health Maintenance Organizations or Preferred Provider Organizations. Patients are required to use the plan’s network of hospitals and doctors with a fixed copay. If needing to see a specialist; referrals are required.

InnovaCare Health
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Marc Sparks Helping Small Business Through Spark Tank.

Individuals around the globe discuss how to make a change that will be helpful to others. However, Mark Sparks has established an innovative technique that will merge his passion for entrepreneurial ventures along with charitable causes. Read more: They Can’t Eat You: My Unorthodox Path To Outrageous Success

The tool for assistance is known as the Spark Tank and is meant to be an innovative way that offers financial support for social entrepreneurs.

With the help Of Spark Tank, Marc Sparks will talk to various people who have an interest in establishing a business on their own. If Marc is moved with the idea of that individuals, he will assist them by investing some of his funds to help them to develop the business. Learn more about Marc Sparks: and

With Spark Tank, he will be analyzing the individuals’ income and sales of the firm. Through Spark Tank, several deals have been agreed on, and there have been numerous company owners that have been capable of getting their business off the ground and put their ideas into practice with the assistance from Marc.

Investing in a small business might be risky since many factors can go wrong, Marc is on the leading edge in technology, and he has brought his experience in assisting other individuals.

For this reason, very many small companies owners have asked requested for help with their business ventures. Numerous companies are successful because of the financial assistance offered by Spark Tank. Within Spark Tank, Marc usually receives a percentage of each business that he invests in with his funds.

Marc Sparks has been an all-time capitalist, who has a hand in having almost 60 business ventures underway over his profession. At present, he works in the Dallas, Texas in his company called Timber Creek Capital.

His core certainty is that all individuals have equal capability to begin and develop a successful business if they have the right leadership, support, and infrastructure. He as well believes that by offering a good atmosphere, success will follow.

Marc Sparks is a successful entrepreneur who does not believe that his success is from good luck. He does not think that he is superior to others, and for him to encourage other individuals who have decided to follow his footsteps, Marc has outlined how he was successful.

He even wrote a book called “They Can’t Eat You,” where he reveals how he has attained his company achievements.

Marc Sparks did not just begin with a single business, but he has been a serial capitalist. This implies that he started with a multitude of diverse companies.

One of his major concentrations is in the telecommunication, even though he has been involved in other business ventures. Marc is as well a venture capitalist, which means that he will provide start-up funds to a company that shows potentiality of big success.