Julie Zuckerberg; an Executive Recruiter Making Ripples in the Corporate World

For a company to succeed, it needs to have a great team at the helm. Saying that is easy. However, actualizing it is the difficult part. You need to have a great recruiter on your side to get the best team to lead your company. Not only do executive recruiters have an awesome network with a huge talent pool, but they also save you money. Trying to look for the best talent without an existing network can be quite costly. Besides that, an executive recruiter also saves you the time you would require to hire great personnel without compromising on quality. This is what Julie Zuckerberg brings to the table. She is experienced in the placement and recruitment of the top talent for blue chip companies.


Julie is a Different Breed


Julie is one of those executive recruiters that are hard to ignore. She is fierce and unafraid to shine in a male dominated industry. Her abilities stem from her great educational background and a lot of experience in the industry that she has used to climb the ladder of success.


Her Current Employment


Julie Zuckerberg is an employee of Deutsche Bank. She took up the position in 2014. For about a year after she joined the bank, Julie served in the position of VP, Executive recruiter, and talent acquisition lead. After a year, Julie as promoted to the position of Executive talent acquisition lead.


Her Career history


Before she joined Deutsche Bank, Julie was an employee of New York Life insurance company. She served as the company’s VP and executive recruiter. Besides that, Julie was given the responsibility of screening all high-level employees that had been employed by the company.


Julie has also worked for other notable companies at high-level positions. She began her career in the corporate world in New York where she worked at Hudson. Her role there was managing candidate placements. She helped law firms, banks, and other companies in various industries. She was responsible for helping them acquire staff in both temporary and permanent basis. After overseeing their recruitment, Julie was placed in charge of coaching them on how to adjust at the workplace. Julie also had the responsibility of solving conflicts involving employees and their employers. She was in this position for five years before she finally moved on to Citi Global Functions.


At Citi Global Functions, Julie took up the role of executive recruiter. She was responsible for helping the company get the best talent for various departments such as compliance, legal, and audit departments. During her time there, she managed to change the recruitment process and make it more productive. She advocated for the use of social media when recruiting top talent. After a while, her talent became obvious to the top leadership became obvious. She was given the role of recruiting senior personnel including senior managers and company directors.


Besides work, Julie enjoys donating her personal time to the charitable course. She is also into art, photography, and food.


How To Succeed And Be A True Leader

Anybody who starts a business wants to be wildly successful, who wouldn’t? You have to organize, have a plan, and be able to carry out that plan successfully. A vital part of success is your relationship with people. It will shape how successful you will be in your endeavors.


Treat everyone with respect. Picture how you would want to be talked to and treated, this is the way you will interact with employees, clients, and other people. Taking the time to listen, not just speak all the time. People want to be valued, so be a leader and put them first. Show them you care by making every deal a win-win. If you reward your employees then they will WANT to work harder and be an awesome employee. As a leader you must be a balanced individual. Don’t burn yourself out, because your business and life will suffer for it. This is about the long run. This takes in account that you are doing what you’re passionate about. You WILL burn out and want to quit if you hate your business. Doing what you love will make all those long hours and hard days worth it.


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