Goettl Gives Tips to Stay Energy Efficient During Heat

In the Goettl Secrets to an Energy Efficient Summer, Goettl explains their secrets to staying cool without breaking the bank account.


The first and most important tip is to maintain the HVAC unit. A high quality unit will wear down and become less effective over time. Making sure that the filter is changed and the other parts are maintenanced will help to keep it efficient. The use of a ceiling fan will help to circulate the cool air more evenly in the room, making the AC unit more effective.


Thermostats help to keep the home comfortable, and keep the costs down. Traditional thermostats are not as effective, and may cost more money. Smart, programmable thermostats help to cool down when needed and prevent wasted energy. AC Units that are kept in the shade have to spend less energy spitting out the cool air needed. Ac Units that are well maintained are one of the key factors in staying cool in an energy efficient home.


Goettl has been an industry leader for decades. Started in 1926 by the Goettl brothers, this Arizona based company has been servicing this area with high quality and committed service for years. Goettl continues to be innovative and cutting edge with their tips and tricks to help save energy and their dedication to reinvest in the community. Scholarships and grants are available, especially to veterans, to help them join the workforce and start their career in HVAC. Goettl makes the news as they show their compassion and help families get back on their feet.

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