Motivating Students to Success With ClassDojo!


Class Dojo Gets an “A+” by Teachers and Parents!

It’s a funny-looking emoji/monster that greets new users of this customized point system APP to manage school classroom student accountability, positive community formation, and allows parents to monitor their child’s participation, focus and socialization by logging in with their special account and passwords. It is a direct, moment-by-moment dual partnership to aid in student focus, engagement in student learning, and progress in appropriate social skills.

How It Works!

Teachers enter student names into the APP. Each is represented by a colorful emojie/monsters from a plethora of choices (currently 134) for students to choose in representing themselves. Each parent can connect with the teacher in a vital one-on-one, day-to-day monitoring of many POSITIVE areas in learning:


Staying on task

Following class rules

Acting appropriately in class/at lunch/on playground

Completing tasks/homework

Being helpful

Custom-Made Program Set Up

Teachers initially, and subsequently parents can add positive and NEEDS WORK point tasks tailor-made for their student/child. This might include:

Focus improvement needed

Speaking out of turn

Not following directions

Incomplete task

Disturbing classroom community

Community vs. Classroom Environment

Individual and Team points are awarded for POSITIVE and NEEDS IMPROVEMENT behavior, leading to accountability and motivation techniques for rewards. Teachers are able to attach video, photos and text messages at any time to any parent. Class Dojo is all geared towards POSITIVE REINFORCEMENT at a basic level.

True Dojo Mindset

A teacher introduces the program at the start of a new school year, and what a traditional Dojo is. This may include video of martial arts icons and professionals in the field, involved in POSITIVE RESPECT of learning and living a life of high goals and expectations for oneself and supporting others in the process. Join Class Dojo today!

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