Wengie Shares A Secret

Wengie has been a YouTube sensation for quite a while and today she has decided to fill her subscribers in on a secret she has been holding on to for a while. She’s been a little nervous about sharing this information but is now ready and decided to share it through her vlog.


Wengie begins the vlog by talking about her hair and her new dress, trying to drum up some courage to make her announcement. She then talks about how the lighting she uses for her vlog is extremely hot. After that she finds the courage to make her announcement.


Wengie is going to China to release her first music album and will be singing in Chinese! She talked about how she used to sing but noticed that people really judge music. She wasn’t very confident at the time so she stopped. This is something she really had passion for and decided to give it another try especially because she’s always talking about how people should always pursue their dreams.


So when she decided to try it again, she dove right in and had voice lessons twice a week. She also practiced very hard at home and gradually built her confidence. So once she felt confident enough she went to China and negotiated a contract. She told herself that the contract needed to be how she wanted it, she wasn’t going to be taken advantage of, and was willing to walk away if it wasn’t on her terms. Everything turned out well and she found out that it would take about a month and a half to record the album and then by two months would be released.


She was extremely worried about telling everyone but realized that by announcing it on her vlog helped her a lot. She also wants to bring her subscribers with her to China to share the whole experience. She said there is so much to the music industry and so much to learn. She thought it would be nice for everyone to share her journey and be able to learn how everything works.


Max is going to stay in Sydney to take care of things there but will be supporting her while she is gone. If you are interested in seeing the entire vlog go to: