A Dallas Based Bank for Individuals And Corporations

Nexbank, based in Dallas, is the 14th largest bank in Texas. The bank offers financial services in the greater Dallas area including Commercial Banking, Mortgage Banking, and Institutional Services. With over $4 billion in assets, the company has been very successful in working with the financial community.

Nexbank has 4 locations and 89 employees in the Dallas Area. Nexbank primarily works with institutional clients and financial institutions, but it does also offer financial services such as checking and savings accounts to individuals as well as mortgages. One of the main draws it has for individuals is that Nexbank offers money market and checking account rates that are double the national average. For institutional and corporate clients it offers investment advisory services, commercial banking, broker-dealer, and investment banking in addition to other financial offerings.

The top executive at Nexbank is co-Founder and Chairman James Dondero. His management team includes President and Chief Executive Officer John Holt. Holt’s goal when he arrived at Nexbank in 2011 was to achieve growth in the company’s financial services offerings to its clients, which he has achieved with great success. The other top leadership of the bank is Chief Operating Officer Matt Siekielski and Chief Financial Officer Craig Korbuly.