Adam Goldenberg’s Statement On Changing JustFab’s Name

Adam Goldenberg wanted to do something that hadn’t been done by too many fashion gurus back in 2010 when he started his own online fashion company, JustFab. It became highly popular because it sold appealing fashion brands at a lower price than most of its competitors and offered bonus credits to those who joined its subscription list on But Goldenberg explained that he changed the name to TechStyle Fashion Group because high-tech data programming was used at the company to provide a more customized experience for customers. Along with the name change Goldenberg and his co-CEO Don Ressler announced all-inclusive apparel coming out with it.

Adam Goldenberg was a marketing genius all the way back in high school. He started a company that marketed gaming websites through a network known as Gamer’s Alliance. Intermix Media, a Los Angeles digital media group decided to buy Intermix Media as it was growing and they asked Goldenberg to come join their team. Goldenberg became the company’s Chief Operating Officer and Director of Marketing Strategy, and he was joined by Don Ressler, the founder of which was also acquired by Intermix Media on Goldenberg and Ressler decided to make ecommerce the focal point of their department, and by 2004 they had built a revenue division out of Alena Media. But they had a disagreement with News Corporation who had bought out Intermix Media in 2005, so they chose to leave the company.

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Goldenberg and Ressler ran a company out of their own apartment for a few months, and soon it gained enough capital to run its own office space. That company is Intelligent Beauty, the parent company to brands such as Hydroderm and Brentwood. In a few years they decided to try a new brand in fashion that became very popular with fashion enthusiasts. After several shows and brainstorming sessions, Goldenberg and Ressler turned JustFab into reality and its sales began taking off.

It gained support from investors such as Matrix Partners followed by Crosscut Ventures and others. By 2013 JustFab was valuated at $1 billion and was able to give investors big returns on their investment. Goldenberg and Ressler also acquired ShoeDazzle and Fabletics which became a favorite of Kate Hudson who also owns a share of the company today. They started making sales and shipping overseas, and just a couple years ago they decided to take JustFab’s products into brick and mortar stores across the country.

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