How To Succeed And Be A True Leader

Anybody who starts a business wants to be wildly successful, who wouldn’t? You have to organize, have a plan, and be able to carry out that plan successfully. A vital part of success is your relationship with people. It will shape how successful you will be in your endeavors.


Treat everyone with respect. Picture how you would want to be talked to and treated, this is the way you will interact with employees, clients, and other people. Taking the time to listen, not just speak all the time. People want to be valued, so be a leader and put them first. Show them you care by making every deal a win-win. If you reward your employees then they will WANT to work harder and be an awesome employee. As a leader you must be a balanced individual. Don’t burn yourself out, because your business and life will suffer for it. This is about the long run. This takes in account that you are doing what you’re passionate about. You WILL burn out and want to quit if you hate your business. Doing what you love will make all those long hours and hard days worth it.


Josh Verne is a talented and successful entrepreneur with over 20 years experience in the business. He has founded and was CEO of multiple companies including and He also ran Home Line Furniture, a family owned business. He turned its one location into retailers all over the world.


His current business, is an online hub of information for students to read and view videos about what’s happening in the world. Students can also connect with each other, making it a great way to keep in touch.