The Influence Wielded By George Soros

George Soros is a hedge fund manager. He is based in New York. He remains as being among the most powerful individuals today. It has been since the mid-1980s that he started using his influence. He has managed to completely change the political scenario is a number of countries all around the world. George Soros claims that he has played a major role in toppling several regimes around the world. In fact, some of these had been governing for years, or even for decades. It is rightly said that with regard to the United States, there is hardly any other man who is able to affect its politics and culture any more than George Soros can.

This kind of influence managed by George Soros is due to his $13 billion of personal fortune. This gets leveraged still further by the $25 billion that is under control of his firm, Soros Fund Management, in investor assets.

George Soros has a messianic zeal which he is highly passionate about. This is because he considers himself to be some kind of a missionary. He feels that he has been ordained a divine mandate. He is sent on this planet in order to transform this world and make it something that is better.

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He is quite vocal about these thoughts. He has written a number of books. These include The Alchemy of Finance which was released in 1987. Another book was Underwriting Democracy. This was in 1991. In these books as well as in TV interviews, George Soros talks about being able to indulge, as much as he can afford. In fact, his goal of life is to become some kind of conscience for the world.

George Soros makes use of his charitable foundations in order to fund those organizations as well as causes that he considers being worthwhile.

George Soros realized very early in life how important money is in this world. This is why he decided to make money and a lot of it. Once this was done, he decided to indulge in his social concerns. His desire is to change the world, in particular, America. He wants it to change into something that is new and is able to provide social justice to all.

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George Soros wants to make an impact on the way the world works. He feels that he has a responsibility. He has been given so much money so that he can give it away to all those causes which are consistent with his agendas as well as values.

This is why he has started with his Open Society Foundations. He is a big supporter of refugees too. In fact, he has also promised that he would extend all support to businesses that are started by refugees in America!


Dick DeVos: A Philanthropy Driven Life

When we discuss the billionaires, who are philanthropists and making an impact in the society, we can’t miss Dick DeVos from the top of the list. Dick and his wife Betsy DeVos are known for many initiatives that are aimed to positively influence the society in total. Many times I wondered about the driving force that leads him to show kindness to the downtrodden. But someone who closely observes him would convince himself about DeVos’ greatness of mind. Though he is an entrepreneur-businessman and son of the Amway founder Richard DeVos, he always stood for what his mind calls. He established Dick and Betsy DeVos Family Foundation to help and donate educational, community, artistic and free-market organizations. I can assume that his motivation is coming from servicing the society, as there is almost no organization in U.S. without getting help from him. To encourage the development of art, his foundation started ArtPrize, an art competition program from 2009.


Apart from that, Dick DeVos and his wife have established scholarships for the students, who are excelling in Science, Arts or Business Administration from developing nations. They have also established Betsy and Dick DeVos Scholars for Free Enterprise and Entrepreneurship Scholarship for BBA or integrated BBA/MBA students of Northwood University. He is an active propagator of free-market economics and encouraged the organizations that are supporting it. He also initiated a grand action plan to improve the urban infrastructure of Detroit which has won accolades from many. In my opinion, the move is something that changes the entire face of the city and Detroit would get many required infrastructural amenities. He is also involved in environmental protection and donated for a private study that is aimed to address pollution sources of Lake Macatawa. He is a strong proponent of school voucher system that is aimed to improve the quality of public as well as private schools.


DeVos started his career with Amway and assumed many roles during his career. His strategy helped the firm to make a significant presence in many countries and increased the sales many folds. In 1993, he became the President of Amway and helped to restructure the firm. Currently, he is serving as the president of The Windquest Group, a privately held investment management firm that invests in technology, clean tech, manufacturing, nonprofit solutions, and hospitality. Apart from career, DeVos and his family acquired the NBA franchise, Orlando Magic 1991. He became the President and CEO of the team for three years after the acquisition.