End Citizens United: The End of Unfair Campaigns

Today, politics remain at the focal point of our well-being. For those unaware, politics play an integral role in the democratic process. In order for America to remain a world power, people have to elect qualified individuals into congress. Moreover, this remains easier said than done. Due to the perils of corruption, millions of Americans have set aside their personal interests to fight for the liberty of all Americans. With that being said, very few organizations embody change and reformation the way that End Citizens United does. Moreover, End Citizens United remains focused on repealing a Supreme Court decision that favored loose laws regarding political campaign funding. Fortunately, their cries have not gone unnoticed. In fact, the organization has garnered millions of dollars since they began protesting the decision.


Moreover, End Citizens United remains committed to the needs of the American people. What makes this remarkable remains due to the fact that they have amassed millions of dollars in donations. Moreover, the organization has garnered an estimated $4 million dollars within the first three months of their launch. Furthermore, they believe that it will increase to $35 million before the 2018 congressional elections. Also, this would signify a substantial increase from the $25 million dollars they acquired in the 2016 election. Since the beginning of this year, at least 100,000 people have financially supported the PAC. In addition, about forty percent of them donated for the first time. Moreover, End Citizens United remains aggressive in their push to reform the way candidates finance their campaigns.


To expound further, many of the organization’s donors believe they do not have the privilege of writing checks worth millions of dollars. Upon the election of Donald Trump, End Citizens United mobilized and aggressively launched a campaign that sought to rid America of unfair court rulings. Due to their warm reception, it remains safe to say that the organization has made significant progress. Moreover, the organization’s name stems from the Supreme Court’s ruling in 2010. Furthermore, the decision pertained to allowing unlimited funding in candidate elections. As a historical PAC, End Citizens United remains unable to take donations higher than $5000 from a single donor. This explains why End Citizens United’s fundraising efforts remain so remarkable. Not only has the organization managed to mobilize their political base, they also managed to attract people who do not ordinarily donate. In addition, the organization plans to create campaign reform at all levels of government. This includes the state and the local level. Moreover, the organization plans on reaching their constituents with ads on TV, polls and direct mail. Although the U.S. Congress has not made an amendment since 1992, End Citizens United believe that they will succeed.