The Link between Technology and Fashion Industry




Fashion and Technology are complementary industries. The progress of each industry has an impact on other. More advancement in fashion has been affected by advancement in technology. For example, if you compare fashion shows 50 years and those of today you will realize that technology has played a prominent role. Fashion designers today are aware of technology, and they have adopted it to come up with new fashion designs. On the other hand, the technology industry has so much relied on fashion for popularity. Most of the devices made today sell in the name of being cool and fashionable.



Evolution of Boombox



In the 1970s, Boombox was the coolest technology device in the market. People could carry it anywhere they went. After a decade, it was replaced by Walkman music player that had capabilities of boom box; it could play cassette tapes, and it was small in size. During its era, it was the coolest thing before it was later replaced by a mp3 shuffle and an iPod. iPod has been in existence till date although, many people find owning a smartphone more fashionable.



Fashion designers have highly relied on fashion for ideas and refinement of their thoughts. Today, people have come up with dresses that can change the colors on their own through the use technology concepts. There is various technology who have changed from the technology industry and focused on fashion design. The move has paved the way for astounding designs. Anna Wippeprecht is one of the fashion designers who has focused on linking technology with fashion. She broke into the limelight after designing self-painting dress.



About Chris Burch



Chris Burch is an entrepreneur who has been behind the success of over 50 companies. He has served in various positions of these companies including the CEO and CTO positions. Chris is also a writer who focuses on technology and fashion. He is among the leading bloggers in fashion and technology. He has been in the industry for over 40 years, and this has given him a clear understanding of the need of consumers. His experience has made him credible and also attracted thousands of people to rely on his website for information on the technology and fashion.






Technology has revolutionized every industry in the world today. The fashion industry is one. According to Chris Burch, without technology, the fashion industry would be so much behind. The technology industry has also relied on the fashion industry for popularity and ideas too.